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You make my ears bleed

Christ almighty.

Look, only people who's balls have dropped would pull this of, fortunately, all those who's aformentioned balls have dropped gain dignity, whish you are lacking in spades. Apart from your blatant lack of pubes, let's analyze what else is wrong with this.

1) Your voice - It sounds like your scared to speak loudly. In fact, half the time you were drowned out by the, ahem, "beat". Okay. So your voice isn't deep yet, thats cool. But for fuck's sake, if you're going to try and do something like this (which i suggest you don't), make you voice a little deeper for crying out loud.

2) The beat - What, did you spend fifteen minutes mixing the microsoft interface SFX on your 30 day trial version of acid foundry?

3) The lyrics - Well, for one, I don't think the first half even rhymed, it was just you spouting sweet nothings. And then you state you smoke crack. Look, even though you obviously only listen to Nelly or quote "rappers" endquote of that callibur, rappers, as a rule, don't say they smoke crack. ODB himself, possibly the biggest crackhead in the rapper world, if not THE world, never rapped about his addiction. RIP.

If this is a joke, make it obvious. As it is, you've given the impression you're dead serious. This gives me little recourse but to tell you why what youre doing is wrong. And for fuck's sake, if you're going to give yourself a rapper's personae, don't fucking put corky romano as your favorite movie. Please stop this. There's no need to get beaten up more than you already do.